Property tax bills are due soon in Indiana

May 10th is the statutory deadline to pay Spring installments of your annual Indiana property tax bills.  Most counties have begun mailing their tax notices this week in order to have them in taxpayers hands in a timely fashion.  Depending on where your property is located, you will be receiving one soon.

If there is any question to whether you may be overpaying your property taxes, now is the time to give us a call.  Once tax bills are released, there is a very small window of opportunity to file an appeal.  It is only 45 days from the mailing date of either the tax bills or a notice of assessment change.  If you don’t file in that time frame, you can lose out on an entire year of potentially eligible tax savings.  In addition, there could be other opportunities at reductions depending on your property type and how it is assessed.

Our team of property tax consulting experts will review your situation and help determine whether appealing your property could be beneficial for your business.  We pride ourselves on making sure our clients have the lowest property tax liability possible.  With increased tax rates, changes in tax law, and numerous additional taxes and fees appearing on many 2018 tax bills, it is important to make sure you are minimizing every expense.  Innovative Property Tax Solutions is the expert team you need in your corner.  We have the honesty, professionalism, experience and knowledge you need to ensure you are paying your fair share and nothing more.  A few minutes with one of our experts could help save you big.

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Look Beyond Acquisition Price to Reduce Property Tax Assessments – David A Seuss – Multifamily Executive

Multifamily property owners and appraisers are often creatures of habit. They generally calculate a property’s value for tax purposes the same way they do for an investment. If an apartment complex recently traded for $10 million, the buyer’s appraiser may reason that the property would be assessed at $10 million for taxation purposes.

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This recent article in the Multifamily Executive highlights a case that Innovative Property Tax Solutions recently won at the Indiana Board of Tax Review.  Our results provided our client thousands of dollars in tax relief.  

Here is a link to the case…

Take a look and call us to see how Innovative can save you valuable tax dollars too!! 219-472-8682

Lower Property Taxes are Silver Lining for Landlords in Weak Retail Market – Esther Fung – Fox Business

In April, the Indiana Supreme Court handed Kohl’s Corp. a victory when it agreed not to review a lowered property assessment that was awarded to one of Kohl’s stores because of the growing vacancy and dropping values of other shopping centers in its area.

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If you think your business is overpaying property taxes, give us a call to find out. 219-472-8682.

The odds are good if you appeal your property assessment in St. Joseph County – Erin Blasko – South Bend Tribune

SOUTH BEND — Chuck Watts was unhappy to learn recently that he’d pay more in property taxes this year after the county increased the taxable value of his Centre Township home by more than $20,000.

“I was shocked,” said Watts, who has lived there since 1993 and has never seen such an increase. He plans to appeal the $164,000 assessment.

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If you have a commercial/industrial property or multi-family rental that you feel you may be overpaying your property taxes on, give us a call.  Our risk-free review and analysis of your situation could save you hundreds, even thousands of tax dollars.  219-472-8682.

Baraboo joins tax fight against retailers – Ben Bromley – Baraboo New Republic

Baraboo is joining communities statewide in asking the state Legislature to close a tax loophole exploited by big-box retailers.

On Tuesday, the City Council voted unanimously to support a resolution asking for legislation to eliminate the “dark stores” loophole. National retail chains looking to reduce their property tax burden are suing municipalities over their assessments, claiming their stores should be valued the same as vacant buildings of comparable size.

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Property tax assessment at center of issue with County and Belterra – Vevay Media Group

A long running dispute between the county and Belterra Resort Indiana, LLC may result in the county repaying property tax money to the Casino.

At the April meeting of the Switzerland County Council, county officials discussed the situation, which has been going on since 2009. At the center of the controversy has been Belterra’s assertion that the property is assessed at a greater value than it should be. The casino contends that if it had been correctly assessed at the lower rate it maintains, then it would not have paid the amount of property taxes that it has – and the county should repay that overrage amount to the corporation.

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