It’s Election Day

In the United States, midterm elections tend to have the lowest voter turnout when compared to presidential election years.  However, the 2014 midterm elections are as important, if not more so.  Why?  Midterm elections have the ability to change the political climate for the next two years and possibly beyond, depending on their outcome.  When the entire House of Representatives is up for grabs plus a number of Senate seats, it can drastically change how legislation is handled in Congress, thus affecting citizens of this country.

Midterm elections are a representation of the general pulse of the voting public.  They serve as a barometer of how the voting public feels their current representation serves them.  In recent history, approval ratings of presidents have reflected in midterm voting where the shift in partisan control has often moved to the opposing party.  This is sometimes a preview of what’s to come in the next general election.

As a United States citizen, voting in elections gives you the ability to decide who makes the policies that you live by.  Issues like education, social service issues, property taxes, and medical care are all represented in these elections.  While IPTS doesn’t endorse any specific candidate for any office, we do encourage anyone that is able to go vote and let your voice be heard.