Supreme Court Passes On Costly Big Box Store Property Tax Case – Indiana Public Media – Brandon Smith

The Indiana Supreme Court’s decision Thursday not to hear a case will likely cost local governments millions of dollars in property tax revenue.

The conflict surrounds property tax valuations of big box stores – in this case, a Kohl’s. Local governments say the assessment should be based on how much value the property is worth to the current user, not some hypothetical future user.

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Big swings coming to property tax bills – Staff Reports – Washington Times Herald

Daviess County taxpayers will see unexpected fluctuations in the amount of property taxes they owe on their homes when property tax bills hit mailboxes later this month.

Due to a change in state law made by the Indiana General Assembly last year, the homestead property tax deduction every homeowner in Daviess County will be 22.0124 percent. This will be a change from previous years when the percentage varied by taxing unit.

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Court rejects property tax exemption for Portage Steelworkers hall – Dan Carden –

INDIANAPOLIS — United Steelworkers Local 6787 is not primarily a charitable or educational entity, and, as a result, its Portage union hall and banquet center are not eligible for a property tax exemption.

In a 12-page ruling, Indiana Tax Court Judge Martha Blood Wentworth rejected the union’s claim that because its members generally are better educated than other citizens due to participation in union activities, and its buildings sometimes are used for free by charitable groups, that it qualifies to pay no property tax.

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‘Cutting edge’ deal gives $1.2M to Ind. schools – The Courier Journal_Kristen Clark

A Clarksville Redevelopment Commission decision to share $1.2 million with local schools over the next three years, to fund things such as laptops for students and digital whiteboard replacement, seemed “progressive” and “cutting edge” to Clarksville School Board President Bill Wilson — not because of the dollar amount or what it will pay for, but because of where the money is coming from.

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Counties Not Exempting Business Personal Property Tax – News – Indiana Public Media – Payne Horning

The business personal property tax exemption, which lawmakers spent most of the 2014 session debating, recently became available for local governments.

Supporters said the option could allow counties to be more competitive, but counties so far aren’t taking advantage of the new tool.

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New York and Indiana Take Different Approaches to Zombie Properties

In the lingo of the mortgage trade, a “zombie property” occurs when a foreclosure case has been filed but is not resolved for a period of more than three years, resulting in an abandoned structure that falls into disrepair, thus bringing blight to its neighborhood. Two states have announced new initiatives that are designed to address this issue–but their respective solutions offer extremely different approaches to the problem.

Source: New York and Indiana Take Different Approaches to Zombie Properties