Personal Property Tax


IPTS - Property Tax Consulting Experts Personal Property Tax (smokestacks-pdpfree)Innovative Property Tax Solutions knows your business works hard to keep the money it earns, especially at tax filing time.  That’s why we will thoroughly analyze your personal property tax returns and asset lists to determine where you may be entitled to additional exemptions or deductions that may have been overlooked.  From removing irrelevant information to maximizing depreciation, we make sure every opportunity at tax savings is met.


With the ever-changing world of personal property tax filing and varying jurisdictional regulations, it is difficult to stay informed of all the legislative changes that are frequently made.  Our expert team knows this business.  With over 50+ years of combined experience, we are well versed in all the regulations and laws as well as all of the updated legislation regarding how you can and can’t file your personal property tax.  Our analysis is thorough and we share all our findings with you, explaining our recommendations and showing how they will impact your taxes for the current year and future filing years to come.


What is the most advantageous part about this service for your business?  If we complete our personal property tax analysis, finding that you are, in fact, paying your fair share in taxes, there is NO FEE charged to you.  That’s right.  NO FEE!  You will then have the peace of mind to know that you are completely in compliance, receiving all your exemptions, and paying exactly what you should and nothing more.  When we successfully save you money, we invoice based on a percentage of realized personal property tax savings either through refunds of payments, credits to bills, or newly issued taxing statements.  It’s a solution your business can’t afford to be without.


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We can also provide solutions for your business’ personal property compliance, tax incentive filing, or even the IRS approved Cost Segregation Study.  


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