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A Real Property Tax Evaluation is our most comprehensive solution to help save your business valuable operating capital.  Our experts at Innovative Property Tax Solutions perform a thorough, risk-free review and analysis of your assessment situation to determine whether you are overpaying your property taxes.


This starts with evaluating assessment records to determine the basis for your assessment.  We can then perform a site inspection, arranged at your convenience so as not to disrupt your operations.  Once we determine the differences between the sets of recorded data, we develop a reconstructed cost analysis to determine inequities in value.  Market value analyses are then performed, as well as income based valuation using both actual and market income information.


We then share our findings with you, giving you our recommendation on how to proceed.  If it is determined that an appeal is necessary, our team of experts handles all the negotiations on your behalf with local officials in order to lower your property tax liability.  We work hard to get your assessments back in line with what they should be and many times, our long-standing relationships with the officials in the assessment community help make that happen informally at the local level.  However, when the formal process is necessary, we continue to represent you throughout that process.  Even in the case of state tax board appeals, we will always look out for your best interest and take care of everything so you can remain focused on your business.


After a formal appeal, we continue to monitor your real property tax situation on an annual basis to determine whether future savings can be achieved.  This helps ensure that you not only pay your fair share today, but you continue to in years to come.


What is the most advantageous part about our real estate assessment evaluation service?  If our analysis finds that you are, in fact, paying your fair share in real property tax, there is NO FEE charged to you.  That’s right.  NO FEE!  This gives you the peace of mind to know you are paying exactly what you should, and nothing more.  Plus…when we do successfully save you money, our fees are based on a percentage of the realized tax savings either through refunds of payments, credits to bills, or newly issued taxing statements, minimizing your actual out-of-pocket cost.


Having Innovative Property Tax Solutions on your team is a solution your business can’t afford to be without! 


Contact us today to get started on a risk-free review and analysis of your real property tax.